We Modify Addgene Plasmids to fit your needs*

Can’t find the exact plasmid you are looking for in addgene? No problem, find a related plasmid and we will modify it according to  your needs. 




I found a desired vector but not with my insert.

We replace the insert with your gene of interest.

I need a different mammalian selection, fluorescent marker or promoter. 

We can modify any area in the plasmid.

Aaddgene vector has mutant gene but I need wild type.

We can reverse any mutation.

The vector lacks a tag.

We can add or remove any tag anywhere.

The plasmid expresses WT gene but I need a mutant.

We make the desired mutation in the plasmid.

How it works:

Order source plasmids from addgene and send it to us. We modify it according to your needs. If you don’t have a source plasmid for your gene of interest we can locate one.

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* Addgene and Custom DNA Constructs are not affiliated.