Frequently Asked Questions: Discussing and Executing an Order

Discussing your cloning project

Q: How can I contact you to discuss the project’s details?
A: Best way is sending email to you can also call
at 216-645-1868.
Q: What data will you need to determine the cost and to execute the project?
A: Full sequence of your destination plasmid and description of the changes you want made (mutagenesis; deletions, tags addition, insert cloning etc.). For insert cloning please
send the sequence of the insert, or, better, the complete sequence of the source plasmid for
the insert. You can also describe the required changes by simply sending the full sequence of the desired final plasmid. If you don’t have complete sequences send the information you
have (maps, partial sequences etc.).

Q: How should I send project information (sequences, maps, instructions) to you?
A: By email to in the text part or as attached files.

Q: Will my information kept confidential?

A: Absolutely, the information is used only to facilitate cloning, non of the information will be
disclosed to other parties.
Project cost and payment

Q: How is my project cost determined?
A: Guidelines for standard cloning costs are provided here. Cloning to viral vectors can increase the cost by $100. Presence or repetitive or high GC sequences, cloning involving
large sequences or multiple changes may also increase the cost.

Q: What forms of payment you accept?
A: Purchase orders, checks, direct deposits and credit cards. Domestic credit card
payments incur 3% fee and international 4% fee.

Q: Do I have to pay in advance?

A: Purchase orders are invoiced only after the project was successfully completed and confirmed
by sequencing. If purchase order could not be issued payment is usually collected in advance.
Sending source material and receiving constructed plasmids

Q: How and where should I send my source plasmids?

A: Click here
Q: How long will it take to complete the cloning?

A: Standard projects usually take 2-3 weeks but there is no guaranty as unexpected delays some times happen.

Q: What form of plasmid and documentation will I receive?

A: Plasmids are prepared as miniprep DNA, a small amount, sufficient for multiple
transformations, is sent in 10ul TE. A document with the complete plasmid sequence and
confirmatory sequencing data of modified areas is emailed along with raw ABI sequencing

Q: What if I don’t have source plasmids for the cloning?

A: Specify what gene or destination plasmid you need and indicate that you don’t have source plasmids.