Hi Nahum,

Just a quick note letting you know that your plasmids worked very well for us and the experiments worked beautifully. “You are a pro”. Thank you very much. I remember we used to call you a Molecular Biology Magician in Kharas Lab (MSKCC, NY) and I established that nickname for you in Moirai’s Biodesign lab in Barcelona. Hope you like it, with all due respect and consideration. 

I will keep referring to my colleagues that require cloning services and anyone in need of molecular biology tools/ advice to contact you.

Best regards,




Gerard Minuesa

Research Scientist Moirai Biodesign


Martin A. Schwartz

Professor of Medicine and Cell Biology, Yale University School of Medicine

“"My lab frequently uses Nahum's vector construction services, especially for more challenging jobs. He provides very good personalized service, not just cut and paste cloning. The prices that are less than what it would cost to do in my own lab. I highly recommend him."....

“"I am co-investigator on the Genome Editing Rat Resource Center (GERRC) a first-of-its-kind NIH-funded rat model resource program. The GERRC regularly employs Nahum's services for all of our transgene construction needs. We find his work very reliable, timely, and cost-effective. We have basically relied on Nahum for the majority of our plasmid construction work for the past 3 years, allowing the technical staff in the lab to be more productive in other areas. In addition, Nahum is always willing to go extra lengths on challenging, complex transgene projects. I consistently recommend Nahum's services to my colleagues!"

Aron Geurts

Associate Professor of Physiology at Medical College of Wisconsin

Amit Dipak Amin

The University of Miami Sylvester Cancer Center

“"I contacted Nahum regarding some rather tricky cloning that I was trying to do. Despite having made what seems like a hundred constructs in career, I just couldn’t quite get this bit of cloning right. I got in touch with several companies for quotes and decided on Nahum’ s cloning service, Custom DNA Constructs, for a couple of reasons. First, I found Nahum to be an absolute pleasure to communicate with. He replies very quickly to all of my e-mails, he’s highly knowledgable, extremely friendly and gave me full confidence that he could get the job done. Second, was cost. I could have continued with my efforts to get this bit of cloning done, but the cost of reagents and sequencing would have added up rather quickly. Nahum’s service is excellently priced and has a fast turnaround time. I received my cloned plasmids with verified sequencing data in about a month and was able to proceed with my experiments. Throughout the process, Nahum was always available to answer questions and give updates. Nahum is a highly personable, professional and skilled scientist. I thoroughly recommend his service, Custom DNA Constructs.l"....

“"Nahum has done a number of cloning projects for my lab and has been always successful at getting what we needed in a short time, at a very reasonable cost and very efficiently. He provided all type of verification an authentication (restriction enzyme and sequence verification) and never gave up on the hard projects until he fulfilled his commitment. I am very happy with the results that we got and will be using his services and expertise whenever we need it again."....

Alvaro Puga

Professor, University of Cincinnati

Brendan Gongol

Assistant Professor of Cardiopulmonary Sciences, Loma Linda University.

“"I have worked with Nahum for several years. He is by far the best person I have ever met at molecular cloning. He is easy to work with, is easy to establish clear communication with, offers updates of the progress he has made, and has a quick turn around time. I highly recommend him for any projects you are currently working on and will continue to work with him."....

“"Custom DNA Constructs has produced three different sets of plasmids for our lab. They were all produced promptly and with verification through sequencing and detailed final construct cloning information. The price was excellent, we managed to save not only time but also money and labor. We feel that this company provides an excellent service, and we are likely to use it again for our future cloning projects."....

Horst von Recum

Associate Professor, Department of Biomedical Engineering,Case Western Reserve University.

Stefano Boi

Postdoctoral Research Fellow at National Institutes of Health

“"I had the pleasure to work with Nahum, owner of cloning service Custom DNA Constructs. The serviced I requested regarded the construction of a retroviral vector for the expression of a specific gene. The service was terminated by Nahum's company in a very reasonable time and I found the technical support and and the direct interaction with Nahum professional and very helpful. "....

“"I have worked with Nahum for ~2 years now. We've done dozens of projects. Some are very complicated cloning. And what impresses me is that Nahum has consistently done exceptional job for each project. He is very easy to work with, quick turn around time, and I don’t need to be involved at all with strategizing. He designs the approach and takes care of everything. The price is very reasonable too, especially considering the speed and accuracy. I highly recommend his service."....

Li Lily Wang

Assistant Professor Department of Microbiology and Immunology Medical College of Wisconsin

Brent Holmes

Staff Research Associate II at U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs

“"Dr. Meller is clearly an expert in his field and a pleasure to work with. We contacted his company to generate new plasmids for our laboratory and experiments. Some of these plasmids were not trivial to make; Dr. Meller was able to complete in a very timely and professional manner at a reasonable price. Not only will our lab be using his services in the future, but we will be recommending him to anyone who needs custom cloning services."....