My procedures allow insertion, deletion or substitution of sequences at any location in plasmids. This includes cloning of inserts, changing plasmids promoters, selection or fluorescent markers, scar-less addition of tags anywhere in genes and more.  My experience and expertise allows me to identify and execute an efficient and affordable cloning solution. My advantage is in the personal attention to each project and tailoring approach unique for each project. 


Examples for services offered

  • ​Cloning to CRISPR, Lenti, Retro, pMIG plasmids and so many more.
  • Transfer of insert from one plasmid to another plasmid.
  • Addition of sequences to an existing plasmid, for example adding FLAG+myc tags.
  • Cloning shRNA coding sequences in plasmids.
  • Introducing site directed mutations.
  • Deletion of sequences of any length from a plasmid.
  • Insertion of one gene fragment in to another gene for generation of chimeric proteins.
  • Insertion of a gene with simultanious addition of a tag.
  • Addition of flexible polyglycine spacer between tags and inserts to prevent structural effects of    tags on your protein.